We encourage you to view the basic range of steel products offered by P.P.H.U. CYGI. In case of when you are looking for other steel products not specify on our list, please send us your inquiry by e-mail or fax. available in Contact section.

All materials listed in this section are certified by the manufacturer and meet all the standards contained therein

Our company offers also second choice materials (2A) - without the certificate and the materials of the disassembly. The 2A goods store on a separate stock, so we can operate parallel  with no problem in both segments of the steel market - Certified products and second choice or from the dismantling. Information about the 2A materials that we offer at the moment, can be found in Sale section. We encourage you to look at our current stock list. If the material that you are looking for is not in our stock list in Sale section, we encourage you to send us your inquiry by e-mail or fax. available in the Contact section. We have a wide base of products in the second grade, and removal available at any time to bring in stock.


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